Description on Google store and its importance

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Description on Google store and its importance

Description on Google store and its importance

Google store is one of the place where you will get the applications, games, digital content for your device with the help of store google co app and the play store app which has three installed on the Android devices which supports the Google Play. Here sometimes you can also use be instant application which does not require any installation some content is available with no charge and somehow you have to buy the products. The applications are designed for the use with supported Android and Chromebook devices which cannot be used on Window or Mac computers.

What are the procedures to open the Play Store Application?

In your device you have to go to the app section in which you have to tap Google Play Store and then your App will open in which you can search and browse for content to download. Suppose if you find any issues to locate the google com store application just open load or download the content in the app and it may due to some of the number of reasons if you need to troubleshoot these issues you can easily do buy downloading the Play Store application.

How will you find your app and content in GoogleStore?

Easily find the application and games which are installed on your device which is based upon the type of the content and the digital content will be appeared in one of the Google Play app which is based upon the devices. Just install the application and the digital content which are connected to your Google account not just your device in which you have to buy them again if you get a new devices so you can use them on multiple devices.

Google com store which very much essential since it helps to ensure the security and reliability of the Android device and it keeps the devices updated with latest security features it also includes the Google Play protect which can won the user if the app contains known as Malware practices. Googlestore which connects the application on other Google services like Google sign in and Google Maps it is the service in which the Googlestore app is included with the Android.

Procedures to uninstall and reinstall the GoogleStore on the Android devices

The Google store is one of the pre-installed application on most of the Android phones in which it will help you to download application, books, movies etc. sometimes when you face a problem on the Android phones such as due to uninstalling or reinstalling the Google Play Store there are some easy solutions to determine the problem.

How to uninstall the Google Play Store

Google PlayStore cannot be uninstalled from your phone however it can be either disabled or it can remove its recent updates. You can disable the Play Store by following some of the procedures just open the settings on your Phone or Tablet and then go to applications under the applications tap Google PlayStore. In that Google Play Store tap the disable button and confirmation pop up will be appeared just confirm it when it is asked. If you disable the play store its icon will appear from the home screen and your App Drawer you want be able to update or install the applications however nothing will happen to existing application just they will not be removed from your phone.

Procedures to uninstall the Google store updates

Suppose if you need to uninstall the Google store updates just open your phone and open settings option tap on application on Google Play Store and then tap on the three dot icon which is appeared on the top right corner and then you will see uninstall updates from the menu just click that. Immediately by uninstalling the play store updates the entire applications will be restored to the original or factory version just you can leave it as it is it and you can update manually as shown in the next section the Play Store icon will be appeared on your phone. You can use it normally and you can install and update the application as well as your existing application which will be also safe.

What are the ways to reinstall the Google Play Store Automatically?

By default the Google store will automatically update in the background as long as it is connected to a working internet connection after disabling or uninstalling its updates it will leave the Google Store for few minutes and it will update itself. If you have disabled the Google store as shown above you need to enable to use it again tap open settings and then application menu in that go to Googlestore and tap it enable. The entire Googlestore does not update automatically you can do it manually if you want to check for new updates Google will find a way to do so.

Open the GoogleStore application tap the profile picture icon top and select the settings from the menu and then it is followed by PlayStore version if an update is available the PlayStore will automatically update if not you will receive the popup message informing you that the play store is updated. You can manually install an updated version of the PlayStore with your Android phone just by searching the play store in the website you can manually update or install the PlayStore version in your mobile. If you follow the above process your Play Store can be installed troubleshoot or it can be automatically updated by following the above procedure.


With the help of Google store you have the option of purchasing the points of digital content while you install the app items and you can easily download the Googlestore product. With the help of discount coupons you can receive the app items or Google play credit in which you will receive lot more benefits rewards and points as your level will go higher.