Google Is Finally Fixing 3 Notorious Nest aware Cam Limits for Free Users

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Google Is Finally Fixing 3 Notorious Nest aware Cam Limits for Free Users

Nest aware Cam plans have been available for a few months, but they only offer free users a few basic features. Now, however, Nest is finally giving its customers more flexibility by allowing them to increase their recording time from three days to five days and expand the number of cameras that can be monitor at once (from one to three). And if you’re looking for even more savings on your Nest Aware plan, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve found some pretty sweet deals on new plans with upcharges of $18 per camera or $24 per zone.

Increase From 3 to 5 Days

You can increase your storage limit from 3 days to 5 days, which means you can use up to 20 hours of video per day.

The good news is that if you go over your new limit, Google will only charge your account $3 instead of charging all new footage. Also, they’ll automatically delete any videos that were record on or after the date when they changed their policy (which was March 6th).

Set Motion Alerts from the Web

Motion alerts are sent to the web and to your mobile devices. You can set them up on Google Home, Android phones or tablets, iOS devices and the Nest app (available for iOS and Android).

Motion Alerts are available for free Nest Aware users only; they’re not available if you have any other kind of subscription plan. If you’re already sign up with a paid service that includes Nest Aware, then they’ll still send notifications through those channels but will limit in what they can do by default—for example: motion alerts won’t work at all unless there’s movement detect within 15 feet of where the camera sees something moving around outside its view area.

Create Custom Activity Zones

  • Create Custom Activity Zones

Custom activity zones are not available for free users, but they’re still a great way to keep tabs on your home. The feature allows you to set up areas of interest and then monitor them with Nest Aware’s live video camera feeds. For example, if you want to monitor when someone leaves the house or arrives back home after work—or even just looks like they haven’t gone out in awhile—custom activity zones is perfect for that!

Overview Of Nest Aware Plans

Nest Aware plans are one of the most flexible ways to save money and add more cameras to your account. The more cameras you have, the cheaper each camera is.

You can add as many Nest aware Cam to your account for free by signing up for a monthly or yearly subscription plan directly from Nest. If you want all these features without any limitations on how many cameras you use or where they’re place (as long as they’re in range of an internet connection), then choose the “Nest Aware” option at checkout when shopping online or by using their app.*

Cheaper Price for More Cameras

If you have Nest Aware multiple cameras, the cost of paying for more cameras is going to be significant. Like many other products on the market, there are several ways to get a discount on your Nest Aware subscription. If you’re looking for a cheaper price per camera and aren’t sure how much storage space each camera needs, consider adding up to 10 cameras for $10/month or 20 cameras for $20/month (or even 30 cameras if your budget allows). You can also add up to 40 cameras if that’s what floats your boat!

Nest Aware plans offer a lot of flexibility.

Nest aware Cam plans offer a lot of flexibility. You can set up multiple cameras and add more days of history to your plan, all without paying extra fees. And if you’re looking for even more customization, there’s also the option to add custom activity zones—allowing you to view what’s happening in certain areas of your home or office at any given time.


The Nest Aware plan is a good way to get started with Nest aware Cam. It provides you with the flexibility to customize your experience and connect with friends, family members and other online friends. You can also upgrade your account as your needs change over time.