Google one apk and its features

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Google one apk and its features

Google one apk is one of the best storage space that is available today and it offers a good amount of storage which will allow you to store the documents photos and notes however it is like most hard drive that comes with certain space limitations. Google one is a subscription plan which gives you more storage and it helps you to access across Google Drive, Google photos and Gmail which will give you an extra benefit and you can share the membership with your family. Google one is a one of the excellent tool that has been introduced in the world which helps to store important files in the online and also you can subscribe the package which includes other useful features such as virtual private network.


Google one features is extra added in which it has the Portrait light and the blur for Android or iOS which will enable you to write in the faces and it helps to eliminate the shadows or blur background with certain effect. The main benefit of the Google one plan which has the extra cloud storage in which you can share with multiple members in your family in which they can share the same space personal photos and the file which can be accessible only to the each owner unless if they are specifically chosen to share them. Google one is best product for independent users who store and normal amount of topper and it makes the sense of business and teams which are doing heavy duty storage for large scale synchronizing.

In what way Google one helps the students

The greatest benefit of Google one is it is one of the free device and students can make use of it with the help of student account they can receive unlimited free services. In Google one they can store large number of files and documents and the greatest advantages the Google automatically save the document when you work suppose if computer crashes or if you lose the files it can auto save the feature which has been stored in your work so student can access Google files from any device. Google one for students is very much useful for education with the help of slide service in which teachers can upload their presentation and they can organize them in the form of folders based upon specific topics. Google one apk is one of the great assistant by creating the folder reviews teachers student can submit their papers and other assignments it has been featured in an excellent way and direct comments can be shared regarding the document. Teachers can also use the form service for the students in order to complete the class notes and organized their responses in the form of spreadsheet so Google one is one of the excellent tool which serves the teacher and the student in an excellent way which Grant the access to classroom resources with additional readings.

Virtual private network

Googleone that includes VPN Service in which you can utilize this service and it is available for the premium plan moreover it is available in all countries it a helps to encrypt your internet traffic and disguises your online identity. It mainly helps to achieve this by redirecting your IP address through a specially configured remote server this internet service provider is including one third parties and it cannot intercept your browsing data if you have a VPN network. Googleone provides the complete access to support the experts for various Google products and it has a valuable feature which is given in the form of having lakhs customer support for consumer facing services. The Googleone supports the users in the form of direct way with supporting agents and it has the access to support through phone and chat. You can open access in either in the form of web interface or the mobile application and you can chat in either way ask customer chat support representative or you can request a call back from a support agent to your mobile number. So there are multiple option in which you can use in virtual private network after each and every session you can see the optional feedback queries that is concerning to the Google products and here as satisfaction survey will be given to fill out in which feedback regarding Googleone can be done with the customer support services. And also call record can be done in which the conversation at the bottom of the support page will be given and after you and the session.

Procedures to login Google one

Google one login is a membership plan that has been expanded storage that includes extra benefits to help out more of Google and everyone will have the Google account that will start with basic 15 gigabyte plan and it is included with free of charge. Naturally students or business people are in need to upgrade the Googleone subscription and here there are various Google storage plan options are available and you can choose depending upon your location and storage limit you will have access for entire people. Googleone subscription will have more storage in Google Drive, Gmail and Google photos where you will receive additional benefits just easily you can create a Google account and you can get membership subscription form for Googleone. Just in online Android mobile phone or Tablet make sure that you have to sign in to your Google account download the play store in Googleone app at the bottom tap upgrade button in which you can choose your own storage limit according to your storage limit the plan price will be worried and you can review the payment date and tap continue just confirm your Googleone plan and select the payment method and then subscribe. Subscribing Googleone is one of the easiest process and you will have unlimited plans you can choose according to your choice. Google one student discount is available where students can make use of it with the help of their student id and they will have unlimited storage content in which they can store unlimited files data’s, documents and Google will save the document directly it is one of the extra added advantage is in Googleone apk.